We at Coles Custom pride ourselves on being one step ahead of the leading pack as far as Custom themed trucks go in the Uk, our main specialist vehicle is the Scania.

When we started the Centurion theme we already had the basic ideas as to the final outlook and we wanted to finish the theme off with a subtle rear light bar, using the same grade of stainless that we use in our Fat Stax.  

Once the bar was in fabrication mode we realised we needed something to finish the job proper, as we are in the trucking market word was spreading about a new firm called BEEFY FLAPS who specialised in rear trailer custom flaps as well as downies, could this be the right man for the right job, a phone call was made and within 30mins we had three or four designs emailed to us, now time was the issue we had almost three weeks till the unveil at TRUCKFEST Peterborough.  

BEEFY FLAPS was taking orders as well for the up coming show scene, "let me see if we can work something out" was their reply, we first made contact on the Wednesday by the following Monday it had arrived, perfectly packaged this was the moment of truth, as we carefully unwrapped what was to be the final addition to our rear bar we were totally blown away by the shear quality and the detailing was inch perfect.

The beefy flap has been fitted to the Centurion now for 8 months, their is not a blemish on the flap it washes down like brand new every time, no curled corners like most flaps you see, we have used BEEFY FLAPS on a few Custom jobs ie RTK T cab and trailer and anyone who asks we put them in Beefy Flaps direction and we will always use Beefy Flaps when ever we need a flap or downie.


Scooby McLaren, Coles Custom


Fantastic product and a very approachable company to deal with!

From conception through design and delivery we we’re kept in the loop from start to finish, customer service the old fashioned way ! I’d recommend these Beefy Flaps to anyone ...


Ian Edgar

Hunted high and low to find a supplier of a rear flap and I came across Beefy flaps, most helpful person that i could have found, from design & colour match and to the finished product, delivered to the door top class product and top quality material, easy to wipe clean and easy maintenance, picture speaks for it self.


Dave Cooke C&M Transport

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